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Welcome to our website: Car rental service in Tbilisi. If you always wanted to get around Tbilisi and found it hard to reach the attractive destination, we are here for you, always ready and glad to help make your stay in Tbilisi interesting and unforgettable. If you are looking for car rent in Tbilisi, here, you will meet the best car rent service. We believe that professionalism, that our team is so proud of, is a key to our company’s success and if you want to be a part of it, and all you have to do is to contact us and share your ideas and let us help you.

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Thanks to this gorgeous company for a great car. Mitsubishi Pajero was rented for one day. We went to Gudauri, Kazbegi .. no complaints. Competent and responsive manager advised on all issues and even suggested where to go to eat better delicious! Recommend for everybody! 5 points out of 5 !!! 😍😍😍

Maria Anikina

This is just a great campaign! We rented two cars for 6 days and both never broken. There were no problems with them at all. We were very pleased. Cars are in the very center of Tbilisi. Convenient, fast, not expensive. Thanks guys. Highly recommend!

Ksenia Kucheryavaya

In September we rented Prius vehicle for ten days while being in Tbilisi. We found this fantastic company “Tbilisi Rent Car”. Our trip started with lot of positive emotions. These ten days were full of joy and new discoveries. We traveled whole 2200 km across country. The car has very low fuel consumption, music control buttons are right there on the wheel, cruise control is just what you need on Borjomi/Batumi highway very comfortable. To our surprise, we managed to put all our language in the car trunk. Special thanks from four of us to this fantastic car rental company’s owner who is absolutely amazing person, very friendly and always ready to support in everything you need. I am sure these guys will solve all the possible issues if they arise for your comfort. Highly recommended.

Stas Yuzefovich

We were first time in Tbilisi. It was already late at night when we called Tbilisi car rent company. Lucky for us, they responded very fast. The company is very friendly, it is easy to communicate with them. We rented a car very next morning, they managed all the papers very fast and explained everything clearly. The car was very comfortable, that made our trip relaxing. Wish you all the best of luck guys, thank you!

Natalia Seliverstova

Recently, we’ve visited the country of Georgia. It is absolutely amazing. Really special thanks to my dear friend Giorgi, who is super hospitable and friendly Georgian guy, always ready and glad to support in anything you need. I really liked his car rental service and company Tbilisi Rent Car, very convenient, best prices and easy to choose preferable car. All the best wishes to him and his business. 😊👍🏼

Yosef Gavrielov

Everything is well organized, on mutual trust. The car was neat, well-groomed. In one word - I recommend!

Georgiy Parhomchuk

Very Good Service and Support. They also guided me on road maps, markets, best places to visit, food, prices, etc. 100% Recommended. 👌

Aman Singh

Right from the moment of checking online for information to the moment of leaving at the airport, thank you Georgie for giving my husband and me the best road trip experience with the 4x4 Pajero we booked with you. Excellent service in every respect and a definite recommendation to everyone. All stars to Tbilisi Rent Car.

Divpreet Kaur

About us

Cheap car rental Tbilisi, Georgia!

As we pay great attention to the safety and security policy in our company, we are proud to state that all our cars are fully insured. We guarantee our clients to receive excellent service for the best price in the city. You can be sure that by renting our cars you drive 100% technically safe vehicles. However, you will never have to worry about any problem if such may arise by any chance, of course.

Another benefit we provide to all “Tbilisi Rent Car” customers is that there is no mileage control, this means that we do not charge you for the kilometers you travel.

Simple, easy to navigate, extremely convenient booking is exactly what you need at the end of the day.

You simply go to our site, choose a car, choose available date, make your booking, receive the confirmation and that’s it, with one click you have rented the car.

We also deliver desired car for free at any place in Tbilisi city (except for the airport, the fee is 20.00). We have no hidden fee or extra charges and you also receive a 24/7 road assistance while driving.

If you need car rental service in Tbilisi and a professional team to accompany your trip and make it safe and pleasant, you need us - ”Tbilisi Rent Car”. We will gladly guide you through the entire process and make your stay here one unforgettable journey, experience you will not forget.