28 Pekini Avenue, Tbilisi


Everyone from 22 to 70 years old, with a driving license issued at least 12 months before rental start.
During pickup driver must hold an ID card or passport, a European driving license issued at least 12 months before.
Minimum rental charge is 1 day (24 hours). You can rent a car even for an hour but with a daily price. Maximum rental period is 30 days. After that period the vehicle must return to DRIVE offices for maintenance. We can also offer monthly car rentals. To get a monthly offer please contact us.
Baby Seats are essential when traveling with infants and children below 1 year of age. These seats are customized for the body frames of infants and keep them comfortable and safe all throughout the traveling period.
Our child seats face forward and feature improved Side Impact Protection by utilizing deep and softly padded side wings that are able to recline without disturbing your little one. Its special Pitch Control System decreases forward motion in case of an accident.